About The Gateway Arch Experience

MKW264596  33AThe Gateway Arch Experience includes the Gateway Arch, Old Courthouse, Gateway Arch Riverboats, Museum of Westward Expansion, Movies at the Arch, Bike Rentals and Helicopter Tours.

The Gateway Arch and Old Courthouse are part of Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. Programs and events at the park are made possible through the National Park Service and its cooperating associations, Jefferson National Parks Association and Bi-State Development Agency.

Tips for visiting the Gateway Arch:

  • Reservations may be made in advance to avoid lines and for the best choice of tram times.
  • To receive free parking at the Gateway Arch parking garage, make reservations online at http://ticketsforthearch.com no later than 11 pm on the day prior to a visit.

As the Gateway Arch and its grounds receive a makeover in 2014 and 2015, the monument will remain open, welcoming travelers intrigued by the work-in-progress and interested in witnessing this historic renovation.

The Gateway Arch Riverboats, replica 19th-century paddle-wheel riverboats Becky Thatcher and Tom Sawyer, are located below the south leg of the Gateway Arch and offer the most impressive views of the riverfront and downtown St. Louis with daily sightseeing, evening dinner and specialty cruises such as the Blues, Oktoberfest and Sunday Brunch Cruises.

A complete listing of all Gateway Arch Experience activities—along with pricing, ticket availability and more—is available by visiting www.gatewayarch.com or by calling 1-877-982-1410.

Bi-State Development Agency is an official partner of the National Park Service and shares a deep commitment to delivering excellence to the visitor experience at Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. In addition to operating the Arch’s tram system and acting as a reservation and revenue collection center for fee-based attractions, Bi-State provides marketing and public relations functions to support the interpretive programming and the entire visitor experience at Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. Bi-State operates the customer service reservation center; manages the leisure travel and group sales function; creates visitor itineraries; provides tour guides for all aspects of the Journey to the Top tram ride experience; and schedules the museum educational programming and interpretive programming at Jefferson National Expansion Memorial.


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